Finding Neverland

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Don't you feel like figthing for an imaginary battle? Don't you just feel ridiculous when you look around and you see everybody having fun in ordinary games and feelings, and you want a completely different thing? You already know how this world feels like. You've tasted it, you've enjoyed it, but you got tired of it. You can't always listen to the same musique. Fashion isn't always fashionable. And some people can follow fashion and be always fashionable, but others just search for the rainbow and can be perfectly happy alone in their house watching dreaming movies and reading fairy tales, when everybody is tasting freedom by lust. Illusion is a much more apealing place to be, even if its a lonely place.

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I've been to neverland, and I was dazzled by its shinning. Neverland smells like fresh and washed theet, and looks like the perfect smile, a five-year-old smile, the one that you thought your past had crushed. I go there often, because even if it isn't true, even if this may sound like more beautiful and lame words to you, I really like pretending when I know some moments in my life taste like neverland, or when it's better to feel like neverland for myself, than to pull Wendy's and lost boys in to it. Because some times they just don't want to fly. They don't have happy thoughts to fly. And I like happy thougths that fly in my imagination. Even if they're all made up by me.


Ninfa disse…
Sometimes I pretend too.. I pretend to be in this far far far far away place some people call neverland, others call fantasy or dreams land. But it doesn't really matter.. there is a place where you can actually fly, or your wishes are granted. But infortunately we are not Wendy or Peter PAn, we are just uu sometimes dazzled sometimes with our lifes in jeopardy, with our dreams in Jeopardy.Living a reality and hiding to never grow up but Peter's Pan shadow is always there to remind us. But we can always be amelie, or other nowadays hero, or jus ourselves and fight and taste something different.I know there's something different for us. No matter what they say. No matter how disappointed we may feel. A lot of things are ahead and I know here on Earth there is a Always Land for us. And on my shoulder you can rest your head. And neverland is always there dream and sometimes you can feel you're on Neverland when you simply are on Always LAnd